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12.19.08 8pm - Midnight at the Rock and Roll Hotel in NE DC (1353 H Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002).

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Evil Empire, Local Music in Washington, DC
foto by isis

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Evil Empire is

  • chas on drums
  • gerri on bass
  • ted on mic
  • rob on guitar
  • rvltn on design


Evil Empire. Rock.

One Day ... Justice.

Original Music & Rage Against the Machine Covers

Evil Empire is a DC-based hip hop rock band that originated playing only Rage Against The Machine (RATM) covers but now includes many originals in their shows. Evil Empire still kicks out the Rage jams and continues the RATM tradition of incorporating social justice activism in music.

Recent Evil Empire shows include a benefit for Girls Rock! DC, the five years too many protest, a drug law protest, a kickoff party for the Washington Peace Center's Cross Country Convention Caravan, a benefit for the Peoples MEDIA Center and a benefit for the campaign to stop war and all of its poisons.

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, the EP (coming soon)

Video of Evil Empire Concerts

Check out a few videos that some folks in the crowd were able to capture. Mp3s of originals will be up soon enough...

July 4 Smoke In to End the War on Drugs
National Mall (under the Lincoln Memorial)

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, by Evil Empire from oldschool on Vimeo.